PUMA 2020

Some highlights from the PUMA 2020 Collections.

This was the year I realized how much we could push the limits with the graphics,

and as a result one of the proudest collection I’ve ever worked.

AW20 Mercedes

Inspired by the silver car reflections and the oil spils on the asphalt.
A combination of an all over print applied to a custom type embroidery appliqué,
allows each piece to be different and unique.

AW20 Porsche Legacy

Inspired on the drives at California hills and Porsche rally cars.
This collection featured a pack of badges of velcro you
could switch and use in the different garments.

SS20 Mercedes

Inspired by Silver Arrows iconic story, the car drifting culture and night rave posters.


SS20 RedBull

A collection with an ode to skate and surf culture,
to the young and rebellious, with colourful graphics and custom type.

SS20 Porsche Legacy

The first collection of PUMA X Porsche legacy, inspired by the classic 911 Turbo.




C0-Graphic Designer

Vasco Cardoso


Apparel Designers

Lauren Scriven
Rory Mcleod

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