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Analog photography has always been a big part of my life, since I bought my first camera at 15, with the money saved up from the last two birthdays.
It was a Canon A-1 black edition, and I will keep using until the day one of us becomes too broken. In 2017 I had to leave the comfort of my home in Portugal, my family and friends, to go pursue my dreams. And that led to the beginning of this project.

A collectanea of analog mementos.

While on my travels around the world, accumulating all these memories, I started to see photography as an exploration and a learning process. It not only allowed me to record those fleeting moments but it was also a prism to see the world. It made me pay more attention to the places and the people surrounding me. It taught me when to take a photo… and when not to.

Join me on these travels @diogo_lopes.

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