( PUMA 2019 )

It’s impossible to show all the work done for a company in one year, together on one page.
Here are some highlights from my first year working at PUMA.


First design work done for the logo tee on the SS19 PUMA x Mercedes.
We took inspiration on the 2017 F1 car livery -  the simplicity of the lines.
The concept was to create graphics designed by data, for that we developed a
Processing code that animated, according to the cars specs.

- Graphic Design, Generative Art


With RedBull’s strong connection to the younger generation and to radical sports AW19 PUMA x RedBull is inspired on the ones who dare to make mistakes and take risks with raw handmade custom typography, collage and graffiti inspired graphics.

- Graphic Design


This collection focus was to fully combine the graphics and the apparel design to create this re-assemble and curated contrast feeling.
A new take on the motorsport classic badges visuals.

- Graphic Design




C0-Graphic Designer

Vasco Cardoso


Apparel Designers

Lauren Scriven
Jordan Peng

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Diogo Lopes